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A happy workforce is a productive and motivated one. Paying your staff on time, calculating and processing statutory deductions, maintaining accurate and secure records, administering pensions and benefits are all key to employee satisfaction.

No matter how large or small your workforce, managing all of these duties whilst complying with the tax and employment laws can be time-consuming.  Reporting in real time to HMRC and complying with Auto Enrolment regulations may absorb time and energy you cannot spare.  What’s more, employing a qualified payroll professional on a full or part-time basis may not be your most cost efficient option.

Fully aligned to your business needs

Albert Goodman can securely manage your entire payroll. Working in partnership with you, a dedicated payroll manager and support team will:

  • Provide burden-free payroll processing, including tax calculations, sick pay, maternity pay, HMRC returns, pension deductions and reports, child support agency deductions and end-of-year returns
  • Generate payment by BACS, as well as e-payslips
  • Advise and prepare communications on upcoming changes in employment and tax laws.

Equally, we respect that you may wish to retain some or all elements of your payroll operations in-house.  We are happy to provide ad-hoc support, including a little bit of extra administrative support as you approach year-end, share information about the best payroll software on the market or advise on legislative changes.

Key Facts About Workplace Pensions

  • You must pay at least 2% of your employee’s ‘qualifying earnings’ into your workplace pension.

  • You must Deduct contributions from your staffs pay each month.

  • You may be fined by The Pensions Regulator if you pay late or don’t pay the minimum contribution for each member of staff.

Financial Planning for Family businesses

How we can help

Are you Auto Enrolment ready?

Do you know the date when you must automatically enrol workers into your pension? We can review your pension arrangements, clarify your staging date and legal responsibilities, assist with communications to ensure you are completely compliant and ready on or before your “staging date”.

401,462 Employers…

                           have enrolled their staff.

7,279,000 Employees…

                           now have a workplace pension.

Source – Workplace pensions

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