Plaudits for our audits.

An annual audit can deliver significant benefits for your company, such as:

  • compliance with legal or borrowing requirements;
  • a rigorous financial health check; or
  • the development of an assured financial history and so potentially assist with future strategy.

Whatever the reason, our experienced audit team will deliver a streamlined high quality audit service.

The approach.

At Albert Goodman we understand the importance and value of the audit process and have received excellent feedback about our audit approach.

We work with companies and groups across all sectors including large corporate groups, not for profits organisations, international clients with UK subsidiaries and owner managed businesses. Whilst predominately our client base is in the South West, our team work with companies all across the UK.

Our audit approach is built around an in-depth understanding of our clients where we ensure all our clients are treated individually. This enables a client specific approach minimising disruption as we focus on the key matters within the business. Our detailed knowledge and expertise enable us to provide real benefit through practical recommendations and advice.

The process.

Our audit process is built around our client’s timetable, combining technology, expertise and a pragmatic approach. We are able to audit based at a client’s premises or alternatively remotely through the use of modern technology.

Each of our clients have a dedicated audit partner and manager so they receive support as and when they need it. Where within our control, we aim to maintain a consistent audit team each year to help deliver an exceptional service.

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