Value of woodland

SEEING THE WOOD FOR THE TREES Most farming businesses have some woodland on the farm. However, when it comes to the tax position, often the woodland is forgotten about. With the value of woodland increasing and the need to create new income streams on the farm now may be the time to see the wood […]

Care sector financial viability

Care sector financial viability continues to be in the news.  We are all aware of the considerable financial pressure that many businesses in the care sector are under.  There are concerns as to whether all businesses are sustainable with the current level of funding received from the county councils, and we await the 2018/19 social […]

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Minimise tax liability

The look of love And what my heart has heard, well it takes my breath away; or so says Dusty! As a business owner providing services to the wedding industry you are no doubt aware of how much work goes into those breathtaking moments. With a number of company owners opting for March year ends, […]

Tax-free Valentines day gifts?

In the UK, we spend almost £1 billion per year on Valentine’s gifts. Fortunately for the lovebirds out there, you can take advantage of some tax free valentines day gifts! Any gifts to your spouse or civil partner are completely exempt from inheritance tax (IHT), so there is no need to hold back on showing your other half how […]

Second marriage financial advice

Addicted to love   For those who have managed to find love again, marrying for a second or third time can have significant implications. As Andrew Barton outlines within his article, a new marriage can effectively invalidate the wishes drafted in a will prior to a new marriage. If your death occurs without a valid […]

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