The story begins and ends with you


Your goals are unique. In all probability, they will also change over time. While we all hope and plan for the best in life, unexpected business failure or success, the ups and downs of relationships, health issues, career upheavals, caring for people with additional needs can blindside the most organised.

No matter which stage of life you are in, or how complex your personal or family situation is, at Albert Goodman, the story always begins with you … and a handful of pertinent questions:

  • What are you striving for?
  • Are you building your personal wealth to pass onto younger generations?
  • If a business owner, what are your future plans for the business?
  • What are your retirement and later life ambitions?
  • Who will care for you if you or a close family member is diagnosed with a critical or terminal illness?

The answer to these questions, and the significance you place on each will shift during life. Looking at each life phase, our team will talk through your options:

  • Starting out – purchasing a home, moving in together, beginning your family or launching a business
  • Wealth accumulation – balancing long-term savings goals, with more immediate outgoings, such as children’s education and home upgrades, maybe with a change in personal relationships
  • Pre and at retirement planning – fine tuning your personal and family’s financial plans to ensure you have enough money to support a comfortable lifestyle in the future
  • Later life and care planning – thinking ahead and modifying financial arrangements to ensure family members’ wishes are considered


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