Symon Carlson

Trainee Business Services Accountant

Symon joined Albert Goodman in February 2022 as a Trainee Accountant in the Business Services department. Symon had finished college with A-Levels in Accounting, Business and Economics. Going into college Symon knew he wanted to pursue a career within the economic sector. Throughout Symon's A-Levels he found himself enjoying accounting the most, while still having a stern interest in the other subjects that help put his work into reality.

Having started his AAT level 3 assistant accountant qualification, Symon is aiming to have this done in spring 2023. He is hoping to go on to become an ICAEW Chartered Accountant in the following years.

In August 2018 Symon moved to Taunton from the Netherlands, meaning English isn’t his first language. However, Symon has been raised bilingually. Since the move, Symon has made his first steps towards what he hopes to be a great accounting career, after having laid the foundations abroad in secondary school.

Outside of work, Symon has a big interest in football trying to watch all the games, as well as enjoying going to the gym.



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