March 21, 2019


Protecting your financial security – something many overlook, misunderstand or take the ‘it will never happen to me’ view.

Ask people about what insurance they have, they’ll say their property, TV, sofa, etc and Landrover are all properly insured and they will have public and employer liability insurance. Ask them whether they’ve insured the financial security of their family, or their business – and a whole new mind set takes over.

‘It’s too expensive’, ‘they never pay out’, ‘I don’t need it’,’ I don’t understand it’ are the typical off the shelf, ‘done for you’ objections that people roll off the cuff. Not wanting to confront the thoughts of your own mortality is wholly understandable, but the consequences of not having financial security for your family – when you die prematurely - can have very distressing consequences for your family. They’re heartbroken, their lives devastated – the last thing they need is financial pressure.

So after you’ve insured your Landrover – which you’ll do without a second’s hesitation – partly because it’s the law and partly because it’s cultural, we value our cars, so we insure them against damage – insure yourself.

What to insure;

  • Your life
  • Your health
  • Your income
  • Your future prosperity
  • Your business
  • Your business’s security

Yes, a lot to consider, help is available, pick up the phone and call us. Since writing, we have had the Spring Statement, this outlined a call for evidence for potential simplification and improvement of the VAT partial exemption regime.

Should you require further advice, please contact Andrew Hopper.


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