December 01, 2022


Your team is your greatest asset when it comes to providing outstanding levels of care, but high staff turnover, tighter immigration rules, and the fallout from the pandemic mean many care providers are struggling to recruit and retain the right staff. Alfie Jones, Director of Cahoot Marketing, explains some of the things care providers can do to attract staff.

When you’re planning your team’s rota, the last thing you need is staff shortages, gaps when people are off sick and carers travelling miles between visits. But being trapped in an endless cycle of recruiting staff who don’t stick around is a headache too, and a distraction from your overall mission: caring for your clients. So, what can you do?

Challenge preconceptions

There are lots of myths and preconceptions about the care industry. Many applicants expect gruelling hours in exchange for low pay and poor working conditions, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. While providing care for someone can be challenging, it’s also hugely rewarding, skilled work with opportunities for career progression.

This is where marketing comes in. At Cahoot Care Marketing, we don’t just handle marketing on behalf of clients. We teach them to build marketing into everything they do – while a client telling their carer how much they mean to them is rewarding, asking them to write an online review lets everyone know that your carers change lives.

Strengthen your brand

To attract the best candidates, you need to sell your company to them. Show them what they’ll get in exchange for working for you. Writing a great job ad and posting it on the most relevant channel for your target audience is a good start, but the first place they’ll look to find out more is your website.

Websites should be friendly, informative, and easy to navigate. Videos are a great way of giving candidates insight into what life is like at your company from the people who work there. Think about client and carer testimonials.

What employees want above all is to be treated with respect. That means strong management and training that goes beyond ticking a box. Show that you care about their career goals and prioritise helping people feel confident and happy at work.

A helping hand

If you want to learn more about care marketing and how we can help you recruit the best talent, email Our tried and tested methods get results, and we have the data to prove it.


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