Pre and at Retirement Planning

You have been planning for your retirement most of your adult life. As you approach this new chapter in life, you will probably have lots of new questions.

When can I afford to retire? What lifestyle can I realistically expect? Should I sell or pass on my family business? Do I have the right insurances? How much equity could I release if I downsize my home? Are there ways to save on my tax bill? Do I really need to set aside money for residential care?

Albert Goodman will be happy to answer these and can fine-tune your personal and family financial plans to ease your transition from career to retirement. We can assist you to strike the right balance between:

  • Providing parents, your partner and siblings with financial support
  • Making the most of your capital and income resources
  • Optimising investments whilst reducing risk
  • Releasing equity in your home
  • Maximising the value and selling price of your family business whilst minimising tax liabilities from any capital gains
  • Rearranging trusts to better meet your family’s current needs and priorities
  • Distributing assets and inheritance tax planning
  • Revising personal wills to reflect your personal wishes
  • Securing a tax efficient income that will see you through the rest of your life
  • Providing planning and support if you or a family member suffers from reduced mental capacity, including drafting Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA)

Good value, transparent fees

Albert Goodman Chartered Financial Planners are all salaried. This means we put clients interests first, every time. Working on a transparent fee basis means you will always know our charges upfront.

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