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You have established your client base and your cash flow is looking healthy. Market conditions and new competition, higher customer demands, a larger workforce or needing more equipment and raw supplies to fulfil orders could indicate that it is time to take your business to the next stage.

Growth is not for everyone. Expansion presents new responsibilities and challenges and requires the evaluations of business growth strategies. Your employer obligations will change. Increased expenses, expanding too quickly or too much could prove physically and financially overwhelming. However, stand still and you could risk missing out on lucrative contracts or losing a valued customer.

Supporting your next move … whatever it might be

Albert Goodman business experts can evaluate all the financial and logistical factors, where your business is heading and if growth is the right path. Among other factors, we can review:

  • How your current business is performing in its existing format
  • The extra sales or income required to offset expansion costs and drive higher profits
  • Business capital and whether sourcing additional funds to support expansion will deliver the best return on investment
  • Whether you are fully utilising your business tax allowances
  • Your internal talent pool and if key people or family members identified for management succession share your vision

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Find out how Albert Goodman is providing rural Somerset and Devon businesses with business advice and clarity to succeed into the next generation through this high-profile government-backed initiative.

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