July 03, 2018


Do you get value for money from your specialist ‘farm and estates’ accountant? At Albert Goodman we are proud to have a team of specialist farm and estates accountants. Most of that team come from farming backgrounds. Farming is still a passion for them and a way of life, rather than just a number crunching exercise. We are not unique – there are a small number of specialist farm accountants across the South West who really understand the business of farming. However, if you look at the websites for the majority of accountants in the region most of them claim a ‘specialism’ in agriculture. Very often all this means is that they do the accounts for a number of farmers – it is not the same thing.

What is it that a specialist farm and estates accountant does that others may not?

  • ‘They have an empathy with and understand farming and family businesses.
  • With this knowledge, a specialist accountant is better placed to help you identify the areas that can improve profitability.
  • There are unique and complicated tax rules for farming businesses and landowners. A specialist deals with this regularly and can negotiate the legislation to help businesses and families save tax.
  • They understand the complexities of running a family business and the succession issues between generations.
  • They regularly deal with different farm enterprises and highly diversified businesses so are able to advise on important business decisions.
  • They regularly work with other farm specialist professionals such as solicitors, land agents, consultants and bank managers so are better placed to work as a team for the benefit of their mutual clients.
  • They understand how farm finance works so can be a valuable ally when negotiating with banks – especially where the restructuring of farm finances is concerned.
  • They are not just once a year people. They are available throughout to answer your queries and questions.
  • At Albert Goodman we are confident of the value for money we provide. Our mission is to be a firm that contributes to our clients’ success.


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