October 28, 2021


Following Brexit and the coronavirus crisis we have seen lots of sectors facing shortages of labour. Agriculture has been no different. Our clients have seen the impact of labour shortages with some having to change their farming practices and others questioning their future.

It is important for businesses to consider how they can retain their existing staff and attract new staff to supply their needs. The following are things that have been important to other sectors such as accountancy for keeping and attracting staff.

Pay your employee their worth

With labour in high demand, it is important that you pay your staff their worth otherwise someone else will. Therefore, as employers you should be reviewing your staff’s pay now and looking after your current employees.

Flexibility with working hours

This of course is difficult with agriculture. Younger generations seem less and less keen to work weekends or unsociable hours. A way to combat this issue could be to consider alternative working patterns such as “four days on, four days off”.

Employee benefit packages

These benefits are extra incentives provided by employers, in addition to a worker’s normal salary.

This might include:

  • Life assurance/death in service cover
  • Private medical insurance
  • Occupational sick pay
  • Increased holiday days
  • Pension
  • Good quality accommodation

The above is just a few examples of some of the benefits which could be offered. Setting your package apart from the competition is important, not just to recruit staff, but also to retain staff.


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