March 02, 2020


We’re a couple of months into the year, and Brexit has finally happened, but what is the Care Market Outlook for 2020? Jonathon Reed, Senior Broker at Chandler & Co, shares his thoughts.

2019 was a turbulent year for the finance sector as a result of the political climate, which made many buyers, sellers and therefore high street lenders reluctant to do much business as they considered it high risk.

Despite this, there were challenger banks and other lenders whom we were able to place business with, from first-time buyers all the way up to corporate operators.

Moving forward now into 2020, a lot of lenders have entered the year with a positive outlook towards care home lending, despite the high street banks not aggressively lending, and some even withdrawing from the sector completely. Most challenger banks have increased their ‘pot’ for the forthcoming year, as confidence grows within the market. Therefore, there has never been a more vital time to contact a specialist broker with complete market access to get the best finance/mortgage deal for your care business - the names of some of these lenders may be unfamiliar to you, and some can only be accessed via a broker.

I think buyers can move into 2020 with confidence in the sector. Hopefully the Prime Minister can deliver on his promises to invest in the social care sector, which will boost market confidence and hopefully draw the high street back into care home investments.

Chandler & Co have been specialist commercial mortgage brokers since 1996. We are completely independent from the market and can therefore offer unbiased finance advice for care home businesses. For any purchase, development or refinance enquiries please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01622 817484 or

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