November 01, 2021


Albert Goodman has made the bold decision to commit to becoming genuinely net zero by 2030. We have done this by signing up to the #RaceToZero through the ICAEW 1000 Accountant’s and COP26 small and medium sized business pledges, which require us to cut emissions by 50% by 2030 and be net zero by 2050. We will be going over and above this with our commitment to net zero for 2030.

Many other organisations are getting to net zero by making carbon offsets such as paying other organisations to plant trees equivalent to their carbon usage. Effectively this can enable a business to continue with business as usual in terms of its operation and generation of carbon but then make this good through a monetary contribution towards a carbon reducing initiative.

We could do this now however we have instead decided to take the pledge a step further. Rather than making a payment to offset the consequences of our actions, we are committing to changing our behaviours and operations to reduce our emissions as far as possible by 2030 and only then will we make a carbon offset.

We have already started to measure our carbon footprint concentrating on scope 1 & 2 emissions (the energy consumed through use of our buildings) as well as business travel. We are therefore aware of our starting point and now need to plan how we will reduce our impact on the planet going forwards.

This will be a challenge, one which the sustainability committee supported by Sophie Parkhouse and Tanya Fitzgerald will be leading and will continue to keep you updated on through our CSR updates.

Operating a business sustainably should be part of the organisation’s strategy and a key point on all board agendas, if there is not a commitment from the top, change will not take place.

Sophie Parkhouse, Partner


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