March 10, 2022


Tom Hawes, Business Services Manager at Albert Goodman, explains why a change to a cloud-based Payroll system may simplify the management of your care home(s).

Everybody likes getting paid but getting to that point each month can be a headache for those running the payroll. Clunky old software, time-consuming tasks and poor reporting are problems that could all be resolved with a switch to online payroll software such as Xero Payroll.

By using Xero Payroll your records are kept securely in the cloud, meaning that you are no longer tied to the same computer in order to complete the payroll function; giving you the flexibility of completing your payroll wherever you may be. If your desktop computer gives you the ‘blue-screen of death’, you can simply switch to a different computer and away you go - with the same information in the same system.

There are several different cloud-based payroll systems to choose from, so why look at Xero Payroll? Using Xero Payroll means HMRC’s reporting requirements are all sorted and filed by the software. Xero Payroll can calculate and file your pension information and re-enrolment admin, or help you track employees’ leave entitlements. Your employees’ lives can be made easier with Xero Payroll’s app, where they can self-service viewing their payslips or manage their requests for annual leave. Combining Xero Payroll with your accounting records in Xero also gives you great reporting in a streamlined process. For example, if you have staff working across several care homes and find it difficult to split staff costs between sites, Xero Payroll can post this information in Xero automatically for you.

Another great benefit of Xero and its payroll offering is the wider ecosystem that can integrate with it. Perhaps you have a system for your staff scheduling, but wish it could be synchronised to your payroll system? Are you always chasing staff for hard copies of their timesheets? Or perhaps you have a management system generating your invoices that you’re not looking to change? All of these scenarios can be aided with software that integrates with your accounting and payroll system.

Whether you’re completing your first pay run or have been running your systems for years, taking a moment to assess your options or a switch to Xero Payroll may prove fruitful in removing any difficulties or headaches you have in running your payroll.

If you would like to speak to one of our experts about Xero, Xero Payroll, or any associated apps, please get in touch for a free discussion or demonstration. Telephone Tom Hawes on 01823 250396, or email


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