Commercial Property Ownership Structures.

Constructing purpose-built business premises can be one of the major investments any business owner can make during his or her lifetime. It is hugley important to understand the various Commercial Property Ownership Structures available. There are some important factors to consider such as bank funding, protecting the property from trade-related risks, the availability of capital […]

International Trade Opportunities

The UK export market was worth £306bn in 2016. In August 2017 alone the UK exported £25.9bn worth of products and services. Despite this, we remain a net importer with imports in August 2017 totalling £41.5bn. Few businesses are taking full advantage of international trade opportunities. Success in international markets is a key part of the UK […]

More cases shed new light on the availability of BPR on holiday lets

What is Business Property Relief? Business property relief (“BPR”) is a valuable relief from inheritance tax (IHT) effectively resulting in those assets qualifying for full BPR being removed from the charge to IHT altogether.  Legislation excludes certain businesses from the relief including those businesses which consist of “wholly or mainly of…………..making or holding investments.” Case […]

Tax relief on loan interest.

There are various ways in which you can get income tax relief on loan interest.  However, there are conditions which have to be met and also possible restrictions in the amount of relief that you can obtain. Essentially, the loan has to be secured for a “qualifying purpose” as a starting condition. Broadly, the most […]

Capital allowances on purchase of a farm.

Purchasing property is never straightforward and is often costly. Generally, you get no tax relief on the purchase of land and buildings until they are sold. However, that is not always the case and advice should be sought when you are buying buildings as there can be tax relief available on certain elements within a […]

Do you know your cost of milk production?

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST YOU TO PRODUCE A LITRE OF MILK?   For many dairy farmers, the March/April 2016 accounts did not make for pleasant reading.  Whilst 2017 has been somewhat of a recovery period with welcomed milk price increases which have in turn resulted in improved overall retained profits, rising input prices means […]

Our complaints procedure

ALBERT GOODMAN LLP & ALBERT GOODMAN LEWIS LTD Complaints Procedure Our obligations Our Client Engagement letter includes reference to our complaints handling procedure. All complaints (oral or written) are forwarded immediately to the person responsible for handling complaints. Prompt written acknowledgement is then provided to the complainant to evidence that the complaint has been received and is being […]

HMRC online service problems

Despite wanting to be “most digitally advanced tax authority in the world” HMRC online service problems continue.   HMRC are once again experiencing difficulties with their online services, with delays in the online reporting facility for employment-related securities (“ERS”) and the new trust register going live.  The problems follow continuing issues with the new online tax-free childcare […]

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