How will Brexit affect the Bank of England base rate?

The majority of farms in the UK have some sort of banking and agricultural loans on their balance sheet. A change in the base rate will, therefore, affect the businesses repayments on the loans unless they already have fix rated the loan. With Brexit still looming over us we have to consider how will Brexit affect the […]

Tax Free Investments – ISAS

Another way to build wealth in your own name is through the use of certain tax free investments. The most well known of these are ISAs. Whilst cash ISAs have become less interesting in recent years due to low interest rates, stocks and shares ISAs could still be a great way to build your wealth, […]

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Buying your business premises using your pension

There are a number of reasons why you, as a business owner, might want to consider buying your business premises by way of a pension. Let’s remind ourselves of some of the reasons why this could be an option to explore, along with some of the potential risks that should also be considered. WHAT TYPES […]

A Harvest Update

How much have you had?  A harvest update. This question has been rather topical especially within the last couple of years of arable farming in the UK. With the answer to the 2018 harvest being, not much, to the 2019 harvest being too much! Proving just how influential the weather can be for both a […]

Tax Effects of No Deal Brexit

With Boris Johnson as Prime Minister, there is now a real possibility that we might leave the European Union on 31 October, perhaps without a “deal”. The main immediate tax effects of this are likely to be as follows: 1. Customs Duties The May government proposed a temporary tariff regime for a no deal Brexit […]

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