Managing your money post-crisis

Financial planning and managing your money can be challenging, especially in times of uncertainty. Identifying and understanding your short, medium, and long-term financial planning objectives are the foundations to placing you in a position of relative comfort and security. Ideally, you should retain adequate cash funds to meet your immediate planned expenditure over the next […]

Family Investment Companies

Wealthy individuals often want to put funds aside for future generations but wish to retain some control over how it is invested and when family members get access to it. The family investment company (FIC) became a popular tool for doing so after the change in trust taxation in 2006. There are many variations but […]

Gifts free from Inheritance Tax

If you have gifted more than £325,000 in the 7 years before your death, those individuals receiving gifts could be liable to inheritance tax (IHT). However, the good news is there are certain exempt gifts. Firstly, we must establish what constitutes a gift. What is a gift? • Anything that has a value. For example […]

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Electric cars – £140K Porsche for free

Ok, so I needed something to draw you in, but now I’ve got your attention I’ll explain just how cheap a fully electric car can be as a company car, due to the very generous allowances afforded to them whilst they’re in favour with the Chancellor. The Employee When an employer company, or business provides […]

AGCFP – It’s all in the name

“Albert Goodman Chartered Financial Planners”. 11 syllables, a bit of a mouthful I agree. But what do we actually mean? And how is this different from the term “IFA” – or Independent Financial Adviser, which some people may be more familiar with. Firstly, I should clarify that we are Independent Financial Advisers, so let’s just […]

Overseas income: Do you have anything to report?

It is commonly believed that overseas income – especially if it is subject to taxes in the other country – does not need to be reported in the UK. Unfortunately, this is unlikely to be the case and we are often engaged by our clients to help disclose historic overseas income (sometimes as far back […]

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