The latest job figures confirm a virtually full employment market economy in the south west. The situation is made even more acute when the reduction of workers coming in from Europe is added into the mix, This means that Albert Goodman’s care business owning clients are increasingly looking at staff in a new way. Staff are not a commodity which can be easily replaced. They are a precious commodity which needs nurturing. Our clients in the care sector are increasingly looking at ways both to attract new staff and equally as important how to engage with existing staff in the business to help retain them.

Julie Hopkins, who heads the care sector specialism at Albert Goodman comments, ‘One way of doing this is to train them and develop their skills so they are not only getting more job satisfaction but they can work at a higher level, contributing greater benefits to the business. Employee empowerment is vital.

The importance of apprenticeships

New flexibilities around apprenticeships are making them a tool that can have real value. It is time to drop some of the preconceptions and take a fresh look. No longer are apprenticeships solely the preserve of the school leaver. Workers of any age can have their training costs covered in a large part by the government. Nor do apprentices have to be new starters. Existing staff who have already proved themselves worthy can have their skills developed by training so they can both play a bigger role in your business and have greater job satisfaction.

The icing on the cake is that their training does not have to fit a set framework pre-set by a college. It can be a on a programme which you have helped develop. It can really be used by you to shape your staff to the skills you need in your care business.

In care businesses and care homes in particular areas that could be looked at for training are very broad based. If you look at your existing staff are there people who could develop admin skills around control of medicines? – a frequent cause for concern in CQC audits. Or for staff ensuring cleaning and maintenance are up to standard, general staff supervision, developing good client engagement and care programmes – the list is as long as you would like to make it

Working in partnership with Strode College

Albert Goodman is working with Strode College where they have a specialist in care apprenticeships.  Together with them, we can help you work out how by engaging with an apprenticeship programme they can help your business.

Sandie Gough-Stone from Strode College comments, “In line with accumulative qualification requirements and local austerity, it is essential, that we as a college and a community, support development and training to help sustain or build on quality care. The catalyst and preservation for this can only come from its pivotal axis; the carer”.

At Albert Goodman, we can look at the financial ramifications of employment and how these fit in with the broader financial aspirations of your business plan. As a first step please speak to Julie Hopkins at Albert Goodman in Yeovil so she can explore how her services could be advantageous to you. First meetings are always free and without obligation

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