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Where chaos exists, opportunities may lie.

It seemed only recently that politicians were concerned about public engagement in government policy. Well, they certainly got the public engaged, but perhaps not quite the outcome they were hoping for.

Whatever your political stance, this parliament is going to be a very busy affair indeed. Brexit negotiations have recently commenced, so the next government will need to create the budgetary flexibility required to react to changes in economic outlook as these negotiations progress. The government must ensure that businesses and families receive the support required during these testing times.

One recent policy which seems to have had the effect of driving public sector contractors away, at a time when government resource is stretched, is the ‘off-payroll working in the public sector’ provisions. When the provisions were first introduced, the government advice to the public sector bodies was that reasonable care must be taken when they make their assessment of each contractor. The reality for contractors seems to have been that little care was taken when considering their status. It is therefore positive to see this point being reinforced within the NHS trusts (see our this article).

There are a number of provisions which did not make the Finance Act this April. The proviso being that should the government get re-elected they would be introduced in the next bill. Within the accounting community, concerns remain in respect of elements and clarity would be welcomed sooner rather than later. However where fundamental issues exist we would rather the Government take its time to reflect and introduce provisions which are fit for purpose for the longer term.

Those with a more optimistic outlook should take comfort that where chaos exists, opportunities may lie.

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