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I know many family lawyers find pensions confusing, and turn to us for assistance in both preparing Pension Reports and advising clients on how to invest their Pension Sharing Orders, but we have recently come across a case that has even left us scratching our heads.

In applying to the Pensions Service for the State Pension forecasts and valuations, the forecast came back to show that the husband who was a member of a public sector pension scheme, had no entitlement to an Additional State Pension, however having also submitted a BR20, the valuation came in circa £3,000.

We queried with the Pensions Service how there can be a value but no pension, as our assumption was that one of these figures must be wrong, only to be told by the Pensions Service that in fact both are correct.

This means that the husband has no entitlement to Additional State Pension, but the wife could take 100% Sharing Order and receive, albeit a small amount, an additional pension based upon the £3,000 available.

We have double-checked the correspondence and none of it was issued on April 1st – honest!!

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