Land Remediation Relief

  Have you acquired land which is either derelict or in a contaminated state and are you missing out on corporation tax relief? In this article, we look at Land Remediation Relief These tax rules were overhauled a decade ago and can provide companies with valuable corporation tax relief if costs are either incurred in bringing […]

The Dangers & Frustration Of Holding Cash In Your Business

Holding too much cash in your business has a number of possible implications, not only are cash returns poor and inefficient, holding significant surplus cash funds can impact on shareholders being unable to benefit from a range of important tax reliefs. Companies holding high levels of cash may find that business owners are unable to […]

Company perspective: the S/EIS process

The first fairly obvious thing to state; if the external investor does not understand where the company is generating its value, how can he or she determine where the future opportunities lie? It is worth revisiting Neil Hutchings article from our January newsletter, where he outlined how to maximise your company’s appeal to purchasers. Whether […]

Company perspective: Does my company qualify?

As one might expect, when the government is providing valuable tax relief, there are inevitability a number of strings attached.   I won’t run through the numerous conditions to be met by the company but the age, size and trading activities are the key areas where a company may fall short.   Age   If […]

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