Apply online for bespoke scale rate for expenses

Employers have the option to pay their employees a bespoke scale rate expense payment to reimburse them for expenses incurred in the performance of their duties. A scale rate payment is designed to do no more than reimburse the employee’s allowable expenditure without the need for the employee to provide a receipt and make a […]

Don’t let tax add to your divorce troubles.

The Tax implications of Divorce An article published in The Telegraph at the end of last year claimed that the divorce rate is at its lowest level in 40 years. However, divorce is still something that we encounter on a regular basis and couples should be aware of the tax implications of deciding to go […]

Reform puts pensions back on the ‘tax planning map’

At some point most business owners and directors will face the prospect of having to pass on their business to the next generation, oversee a trade sale, or in some cases sadly having to simply ‘close the doors’. Whichever outcome, the ability to replace the income previously generated by their business as tax efficiently as […]

Maximising Income from Land Sales

Despite the recession there has been a sustained need for housing and pressure on farmland to be sold for development. Land prices have also increased substantially over the last ten years. When land and property is sold capital gains tax (CGT) is chargeable on the difference between the proceeds received and the cost of the […]

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