How To Achieve Financial Success in the current climate: Part 2

In the second of our two-part article Julie Hopkins, Director of Care Sector at Albert Goodman shares her advice. Part 1 can be found in our Autumn newsletter. 1. Trading Key Performance Indicators Every care business is different, but each will need key performance indicators which may vary from business to business. These could include: […]

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Future Proofing Your Business

Future Proofing Your Business In business, staff are often your most valuable asset.  You want to ensure you keep good dedicated productive staff and incentivise them sufficiently so they remain with your business.  Replacing valuable staff can be costly; not only in terms of agency fees, but in terms of the impact the transition and/or […]

Talent Management

You will have probably seen or heard in the sporting, political and business worlds how one manager or leader can take the same people and resources and succeed whilst another will fail?  Whether it relates to the next generation of family members or the core workforce, talent management has so much to do with business success or lack thereof. Recruitment […]

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