Pension Scam Awareness

National Scam Awareness Month July 2016 is National Scam Awareness Month, and with scamming on the rise this has never been more important. An increase in fraudsters targeting under 55’s in early pensions release scams is just one of a number of reasons why  police estimates  show that £13.2 million was lost to pensions liberation […]

Mapping the Minefield

The latest batch of reforms to pensions, announced by George Osborne in his speech at the Conservative Party Conference, only added to the complexity and sheer range of options now available to individuals with pension funds, of whatever size. Much of the media has latched onto the ability for an individual to now pass on […]

Non-Executive Directors and Auto Enrolment

As the legislation introduced by the Government relating to Workplace Pensions in 2012 starts to affect more and more UK employers, it’s becoming clear that there are a number of unintended consequences, which can impact on Non-Executive Directors (NEDs), as well as agency workers and self-employed Consultants. The crux of the matter is the Pension […]

Plan your finances and you won’t work to 70

There will be lots of headlines today saying that we are all going to have to work longer following announcements made in the Autumn Statement yesterday, however this is not necessarily the case. Changes had already been announced that will raise the State Pension Age (SPA) to 66 from 2020 and to 67 in 2028, […]

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