The Dangers & Frustration Of Holding Cash In Your Business

Holding too much cash in your business has a number of possible implications, not only are cash returns poor and inefficient, holding significant surplus cash funds can impact on shareholders being unable to benefit from a range of important tax reliefs. Companies holding high levels of cash may find that business owners are unable to […]


What does this mean for you? Inheritance tax (IHT) (the tax paid on the value of assets left on death) in its current form was introduced in 1986 with the concept of protecting poorer members of society by redistributing wealth from inherited legacies. While fewer than 5% of estates are liable to IHT, there has been an […]

Tax-free Valentines day gifts?

In the UK, we spend almost £1 billion per year on Valentine’s gifts. Fortunately for the lovebirds out there, you can take advantage of some tax free valentines day gifts! Any gifts to your spouse or civil partner are completely exempt from inheritance tax (IHT), so there is no need to hold back on showing your other half how […]

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