FINANCE BILL (No.2) 2017

Finance Bill (No.2) 2017 The rapid pace of change in tax continues and the following provides a summary of the main provisions affecting our general client base, incorporated in the 665 paged Finance Bill (No.2) 2017, which was issued on 8 September 2017.  Many of the provisions are as dropped from the Act passed shortly […]

Finance Bill Update

Along with yesterday’s announcement that the implementation date for Making Tax Digital has been pushed back, H M Treasury also acknowledged that the uncertainty following the removal of the majority of clauses from the Finance Act 2017 to enable the Bill to be passed through Parliament before the snap election in June, is causing difficulty […]

Salaried Partners July Deadline

The Finance Bill has introduced new provisions for members of LLPs from April 2014 which could see certain salaried partners being reclassified as employees for tax purposes.  Unless certain conditions are met, salaried partners will be taxed as employees, suffering PAYE and class 1 national insurance costs, as well as being taxed on benefits in […]

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