Ending an employee relationship

Ending an Employee Relationship Undoubtedly employers dread the thought of ending an employee relationship but it is a common misconception that the first £30,000 of any termination package is payable tax-free. Most recently, the Government saw this as a potential area of abuse and, following a consultation, legislated new rules which apply to termination payments […]

Future Proofing Your Business

Future Proofing Your Business In business, staff are often your most valuable asset.  You want to ensure you keep good dedicated productive staff and incentivise them sufficiently so they remain with your business.  Replacing valuable staff can be costly; not only in terms of agency fees, but in terms of the impact the transition and/or […]

Important Changes to Auto-enrolment

Important Changes to Auto-enrolment Under Auto Enrolment the minimum contributions in place will be changing with effect from the 6th April 2018.  By law, the minimum contributions will be increasing in two phases; on the 06/04/2018 and once again a year later on the 06/04/2019.  If you are an employer operating an auto-enrolment workplace pension […]

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