Land Remediation Relief

  Have you acquired land which is either derelict or in a contaminated state and are you missing out on corporation tax relief? In this article, we look at Land Remediation Relief These tax rules were overhauled a decade ago and can provide companies with valuable corporation tax relief if costs are either incurred in bringing […]

Budget 2016 Summary- Key facts and figures

Whether the Budget is aimed at putting stability first or the Next Generation first, George Osborne’s eighth Budget included a number of surprise tax announcements. Mr Osborne described his Budget as being “fit for the future”, intended “to keep Britain living within its means”, “against a dangerous cocktail of risks”. Our Budget 2016 summary contains a few of […]

To Incorporate or not to Incorporate, that is the question?

Most businesses start out life as a partnership but may later become limited companies, usually because the business has grown significantly.  Fully incorporating the business, by transferring it to a limited company offers substantial annual tax savings.  Company corporation tax rates are 20% compared to personal income tax rates of up to 47%.  Therefore, for […]

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