Land Remediation Relief

  Have you acquired land which is either derelict or in a contaminated state and are you missing out on corporation tax relief? In this article, we look at Land Remediation Relief These tax rules were overhauled a decade ago and can provide companies with valuable corporation tax relief if costs are either incurred in bringing […]

Games of Tax

It’s always tricky for tax advisers to write articles about a subject they love, knowing that the majority of the people we’re aiming it towards do not share our enthusiasm for the technical intricacies! So here I am on a Sunday evening, with my favourite drink (Hendricks, St Germain & tonic, thank you very much), […]

Winter is coming! A guide to tax relief on utility bill reducing tech

Winter is coming…   Hopefully, this year’s UK winter won’t be anything like the Game of Thrones winter! However, just in case it does last a decade and you do not have access to a dragon, outlined below are some utility bill reducing technologies and the tax reliefs businesses may be able to claim. Key […]

Residential investment properties – time to consider incorporation?

For residential property landlords subject to higher rate tax, the tax return signed and submitted before the 31 January next year will signify the end of full mortgage interest relief secured on these properties. For those waiting for the outcome of the court case brought by ‘Axe the Tenant Tax’ group or simply for the government […]

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