Spring Statement Summary

Spring Statement 2018   The Chancellor, Philip Hammond, presented his first ever Spring Statement on Tuesday 13 March 2018. Whilst A.A. Milne may not have appreciated the chancellor’s reference to two of his beloved characters, there was certainly a collective sigh of relief that Mr Hammond stuck to his word, with no new tax announcements […]

What will the Spring Statement bring?

We had two Budgets in 2017 and the Spring Statement is planned for Tuesday 13 March. The Chancellor Philip Hammond has previously stated that at the Spring Statement he will respond to the Office for Budget Responsibility forecast, consider longer-term tax challenges and start consultations on how they can be addressed. The government has the option to make immediate changes to […]

FINANCE BILL (No.2) 2017

Finance Bill (No.2) 2017 The rapid pace of change in tax continues and the following provides a summary of the main provisions affecting our general client base, incorporated in the 665 paged Finance Bill (No.2) 2017, which was issued on 8 September 2017.  Many of the provisions are as dropped from the Act passed shortly […]

George Osborne announces the date for his 2015 Budget

Chancellor George Osborne has announced he will deliver his last budget of the parliament on Wednesday 18th March 2015. Appearing before the Commons Treasury Committee the Chancellor confirmed the 2015 Budget date, his sixth of the current Parliament, which will be delivered less than two months before the General Election. The Autumn Statement delivered earlier […]

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