The Benefits of Forecasting and Management Accounts

Virtually every person you speak to would agree that they’d like to make their life easier, free up some time, and understand where their business is likely to be in 12 months, 3 or even 5 years’ time. With an increasingly greater choice of accounting software products, all boasting more and more functionality and versatility, […]

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The Dangers & Frustration Of Holding Cash In Your Business

Holding too much cash in your business has a number of possible implications, not only are cash returns poor and inefficient, holding significant surplus cash funds can impact on shareholders being unable to benefit from a range of important tax reliefs. Companies holding high levels of cash may find that business owners are unable to […]

Benefits & Incentives For Employees: Tax & National Insurance Position

Benefits &  incentives for employees can form an attractive element of any employment package and can be a way to not only reward employees for their efforts but can be a way of retaining existing staff, boosting productivity and increase morale and loyalty of your workforce. Furthermore it may also persuade people to join your […]

Research & Development Tax Relief

One way to minimise a company’s corporation tax liability is to consider whether it has undertaken any research & development projects during the year. Research & development tax relief provides innovative businesses with a valuable tax incentive to help fund their research & development activities and other business requirements – and it’s not just available […]

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