Cloud Accounting – Keeping Your Cashflow Under Control

A lot is said about new technology, the change it brings and the pace of that change in the modern day, but one thing will always remain the same – cash is the life-blood of any business. For many businesses, managing cashflow means approaching and working with a financier, whether that’s a bank, a private […]

The Downward Spiral – How to Spot it Early and Recover

Running a business is challenging, cash rarely flows in a steady stream and costs can rise sharply and unexpectedly making managing liquidity difficult. The majority of businesses will go through peaks and troughs of growth. But how to distinguish between a temporary dip and a terminal decline? Being aware of potential dangers from a very […]

The Dangers & Frustration Of Holding Cash In Your Business

Holding too much cash in your business has a number of possible implications, not only are cash returns poor and inefficient, holding significant surplus cash funds can impact on shareholders being unable to benefit from a range of important tax reliefs. Companies holding high levels of cash may find that business owners are unable to […]

Benefits & Incentives For Employees: Tax & National Insurance Position

Benefits &  incentives for employees can form an attractive element of any employment package and can be a way to not only reward employees for their efforts but can be a way of retaining existing staff, boosting productivity and increase morale and loyalty of your workforce. Furthermore it may also persuade people to join your […]

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