The benefits of using a trust

What are the benefits of using a trust? Most of us can look forward to many years of retirement and use pensions as a tax-efficient way of saving for life after work, so it’s important to be aware of what happens to a pension fund on death. Changes to tax rules and the pension freedoms mean a […]

Should I put my life insurance in trust?

Should I put my life insurance in trust? When it comes to planning your family’s financial future, it makes good sense to take all steps possible to protect their standard of living. Arranging your life insurance in the right way – to give your loved ones the maximum possible benefit – is an important consideration. One option […]


Individuals who are self-employed and earning above the Small Earnings Exception (SEE) limits are required to pay Class 2 NIC. Class 2 NIC is a flat-rate weekly amount that counts towards certain contributory benefits including both the basic State Pension and the new State Pension. In 2016 the Government announced its plans to abolish Class […]


Individuals who are nearing retirement age can check what their entitlement to a State Pension will be by contacting HMRC for a pension forecast. This forecast will provide details of your state pension position based on your national insurance contributions (“NIC”) record and will show whether or not there are any gaps that need to […]

Meet the Financial Planning Team – Claire Musson

Q1: Claire, one of your specialisms is retirement planning, why do you like this area of advice? The current pension rules can be very complex, so I find it very rewarding to be able to demystify them for clients and help them plan for and then achieve a comfortable retirement. Over the years I have […]

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