VAT – Partial Exemption

More and more farming operations are experiencing the impact of partial exemption on their VAT accounting as they diversify away from farming activities and move into areas where they let cottages, land and buildings. Although in most cases these rentals will be VAT exempt i.e. no VAT is chargeable on the income received, the activities […]

Making Tax Digital – the important bits

As the launch date for the first phase of Making Tax Digital (MTD) approaches we are being bombarded from all sides by information about what business owners need to do to become MTD compliant. But what does this actually mean in practical terms for our rural clients? Who does Making Tax Digital apply to? The […]

Business structures post Brexit

With the future of farming and subsidies changing post Brexit we are likely to see an increase in the variety of business structures used to manage the farming business, particularly involving third parties. Historically farming businesses have been run as partnerships and limited companies usually owned by family members. Where one generation wishes to retire […]

Protecting your financial security

Protecting your financial security – something many overlook, misunderstand or take the ‘it will never happen to me’ view. Ask people about what insurance they have, they’ll say their property, TV, sofa, etc and Landrover are all properly insured and they will have public and employer liability insurance. Ask them whether they’ve insured the financial […]

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