Planning for care home fees

It is important to undertake some planning for care home fees. Care is very expensive and a far greater threat to your wealth preservation than Inheritance Tax. The average cost of care is now over £41,000 a year. This is generally increasing faster than inflation and we are living longer. Both of these facts will […]

Care sector funding- what impact will the election non result have?

It is far too early to have any clear idea of what effect the result of last week’s general election will have on care sector funding. There is, however, an underlying feeling is that there has been a shift in the ground which people are viewing with a certain amount of positivity. Vic Rayner, the […]

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Off Payroll working for public sector staff

A newly introduced change is causing major waves with people who invoice the NHS and others for work that they do for them. It may not be widely known but from April 2017, every public sector body (PSB) has had to review the employment status of each contractor that works for it. Indeed, the term […]


Launching of Tax-Free childcare We previously reported on the expected launch of the Government’s tax-free childcare scheme in early 2017 and we confirm this will now be launched on 28 April 2017 and it will be gradually rolled out through the year. As a reminder, the tax-free childcare scheme is available to work parents (each […]

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