What’s your business worth?

A valuation may ultimately be about the numbers, but number crunching is just part of the equation. The real challenge lies in understanding the business context and the purpose of the valuation.

Applying skill and robust judgement on a case-by-case basis

Whether you need an independent valuation for litigation, commercial or tax purposes, our experts will provide robust advice.

Often appointed by other advisers, our expert team conduct valuations relating to acquisitions, disposals, mergers and restructuring proposals.  We can also provide valuations for:

  • Taxation purposes, including enterprise management incentive schemes, capital gains, inheritance and income tax
  • Intellectual property, for example trademarks, brand names, know-how, customer lists, patents and licences
  • Disputed transactions, as expert witnesses working alongside forensic investigators to prepare valuations for expert witness reports, Section 459 cases, matrimonial, solicitors’ negligence and claims of loss
  • Regulatory and accounting matters, such as FRS25, share options and valuations required by the Companies Act and Takeover Act
  • “Fair value” requirements under articles of association and/or shareholder agreements
  • In divorce cases, professional negligence cases, fraud investigations or insurance disputes, our valuation experts act for individuals, legal professionals, insurers and regulatory and prosecuting bodies to prepare valuations

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