Specialist support to resolve HMRC enquiries

For most people, tax investigations are a daunting and stressful experience and even more so when your records are under intense scrutiny and you are facing HMRC investigations on your own.

Whether you have been approached for a record check, compliance visit, intervention disclosure, or an investigation by any other name, our specialist tax team can help. Our senior tax professionals know what HMRC are looking for, so we can get to the bottom of issues, source evidence and get cases resolved with minimal disruption to you.

We can advise, represent and defend your interests. If any tax, interest or penalties are due, we will strive to negotiate the lowest settlements. In addition to income, corporation, capital gains, VAT and inheritance tax, we have significant experience in managing employment disputes, IR35 enquiries and offshore disclosures.

Reassurance that someone’s on your side

Throughout your HMRC investigation, we will:

  • Inform you on the best way to cooperate with HMRC, evidence you will need to produce, mistakes to avoid and records that you do not need to disclose.
  • Argue your case, stand up for your rights, draft responses, and make sure you are treated fairly.
  • Provide regular updates on progress, rules and regulations and how long your tax investigation case is likely to last.
  • Estimate tax due, plus interest and likely penalties early on, so you can budget accordingly.
  • Always seek to reduce any tax liabilities as far as possible, quite often to nil, before then negotiating to ensure you pay penalties at the lowest rate.
  • Prepare submissions and provide representation at tribunal appeals.

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