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As your business grows, you may reach a point where an injection of fresh capital is needed which will enable the business to mature and move into the next development phase. Alternatively, the businesses’ current funding structure may be restricting development.

With credit becoming more difficult to obtain and debt more costly to service, we are seeing a marked increase in more innovative business refinancing activities. Albert Goodman has well-established relationships with specialist debt and development capital providers. This means we are well placed to gauge funders’ appetite for credit and debt risk and the terms they will apply.


How does refinancing work?

If a traditional bank loan is not available to shore up your cashflow, we can look at other ways to source a suitable funding package. Our refinancing experts are experienced in helping management teams, private shareholders and partnerships to secure:

  • Alternative finance – in particular, crowdfunding, an increasingly popular way to raise capital, often through web-based portals such as Crowdcube and Funding Circle
  • Asset-based lending – common in the manufacturing, engineering or construction sectors, when capital is tied up in plant or machinery. Assets can also include property, inventory and debtors
  • Private equity – whereby investors provide long-term capital in return for shares, a percentage stake in the business and sometimes a seat on your Board
  • Invoice financing – involves raising money against outstanding invoices. Often used by sole traders, partnerships, limited companies, plcs and export businesses with an annual turnover exceeding £50,000
  • Trade finance – useful for businesses that lack the funds to pay suppliers to fulfil a secured order
  • Payroll finance – provides unsecured funding to cover company payroll, PAYE and national insurance

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