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Our investment management Taunton team know that a good investment strategy should factor in an individual’s overall financial goals, the duration of the investment and their appetite for, and ability to take, investment risk. Having an agreed investment criteria against which portfolio performance can be regularly measured is equally essential.

Individuals, families, trustees and businesses have trusted our discreet and unbiased investment advice for decades. Because of our depth of experience in taxation, financial planning and investment matters, we are in a unique position to assist you with selecting investments which maximise returns. Reviewing and helping to manage the tax efficiency of our clients’ investment portfolios comes as standard.


Making well-informed investment choices. Investment Management Taunton from well-established experts.

At Albert Goodman investment management Taunton we believe that investment decisions should be guided by the wealth of academic and empirical evidence available to us.

Our  investment management Taunton core beliefs are as follows;

  • Markets work effectively. The evidence tells us that professional fund managers are not able to consistently beat the market, so capturing the returns available in markets is our goal.
  • Risk and Reward are linked. The higher the risk a client wishes, and is able to take, the higher they should expect the long-term returns to be.
  • Diversification is essential. Diversification across asset classes, geography and investment type helps reduce risk in a portfolio, smoothing the investment experience.

Based on these core beliefs we build a structured portfolio for our clients. We pay careful attention to meeting the appropriate risk level for each client. We focus closely on fees and costs, keeping these to a minimum means maximising returns, as the effect of charges can be great, especially over the longer term. Many years of extensive and award-winning research and analysis has shown that paying an Investment Manager to actively manager your investments can work for a period, but cannot consistently offer enhanced returns in the long term.

Finally, as well as being independent chartered financial planners, we are also flexible. For those clients who have a specific need, from ethical concerns to the desire to have a manager to speak to, we understand that every client is different, and we work hard to make sure every client’s needs are met.  [Our investment management Taunton team are of course, very happy to provide further information upon request.]

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