Investment and financial planning fully integrated

Every investment strategy should factor in an individual’s overall financial goals, the duration of the investment and their appetite for risk. Having an agreed investment criteria against which portfolio performance can be regularly measured is equally essential.

Individuals, families, trustees and businesses have trusted our discreet and unbiased investment advice for decades. Because of our depth of experience in taxation, financial planning and investment matters, we are in a unique position to assist you with fund selection and asset allocation and maximising returns. Reviewing the tax efficiency of our clients’ investment portfolios comes as standard.

Making well-informed investment management choices

Clients of Albert Goodman choose how they wish their investments to be managed – either on a ‘discretionary’ or ‘advisory managed’ basis. The key differences are:

  • For discretionary clients, full responsibility of your investment decisions is passed to third party (maybe several) investment managers. We only select the very best. We provide a clear briefing, they create and manage your portfolio, changing investments when they deem it appropriate. These specialists often have access to a broader range of investments and greater purchasing power. However, we retain control of your overall investment monitoring, strategy and associated tax planning.
  • Advisory managed clients instruct us to design and build a suitable portfolio that aims to maximise returns while controlling your overall exposure to risk. At agreed intervals we discuss the performance against agreed tolerance levels. These meetings help to identify potential opportunities for diversifying your investment portfolio.

In both cases, your portfolio is professionally constructed by a combination of statistical analysis and market research. We share regular performance updates, including valuations and end-of-year tax packs.



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