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Looking for investment management Weymouth? Our team of chartered financial professionals work with families, trustees, business owners and inviduals to provide independant and discrete investment advice. Our many years experience of financial planning, taxation and invementment management give us the perspective we need to help our clients make clear decisions on the investments they select.

A solid investment strategy should factor in the financial goals of the individual or family in question. The duration of the investment that is required and the overall appetite for risk should be taken in to account at all stages of the investment plan. As part of our services we also

  • Agree on a criteria by which the performance of the investment can be judged
  • Complete a tax review to ensure the tax efficiency of our client’s investment portfolios.

Investment Management Weymouth

Our Investment Management Weymouth team can help you make well informed financial decisions.

At Albert Goodman investment management Weymouth, we believe in the power of the market. All of the evidence suggests that professional fund managers cannot outperform the market, so capturing the returns available in the market is our number one goal.  We believe that investment decisions should be made using the vast amount of empirical evidence that we have access too.

Core to our investment strategy are:

  • Diversification is essential to any portfolio. We diversify across asset classes, geographies and investment type. This reduces the risk in the portfolio and keeps the investment experience as smooth as possible.
  • Risk and reward are closely linked. The greater the appetite for risk, the higher the long term rewards are likely to be.

Following these core beliefs, we create carefully structured portfolios for our clients. We keep a close eye on fees and costs and aim to keep these to a minimum to ensure returns are maximised. Our team of award-winning Chartered Financial Planners are able flexible and are able to cater to clients who have a specific need whether that be the desire to invest ethically, or the need to have a manager to be able to pick up the phone to, we work hard to ensure these needs are met.

If you would like to set up a no obligations initial meeting, please don’t hesitate to contact our investment management Weymouth team on 01305 772458.


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