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Management Intelligence

If you are struggling to understand your figures and what they are telling you about your business’ performance or if you are looking to plan ahead for your business we can help. Our team is able to manage all aspects of strategic business management from management accounting through to cash flow forecasting.

What we do

We streamline processes and by automating wherever possible and appropriate we can reduce the need for manual intervention. This dramatically reduces monthly processing time and ensures accuracy of reporting. In many cases, this can feed directly from your accounting systems into the reporting package that we custom build for you.  This enables you to take more of a business management role, with information readily available that provides clear insight, allowing you to make informed and timely decisions.

Many businesses place heavy reliance upon spreadsheets without enough consideration of their construction, purpose and how they link together.  Our process when we first meet you is to understand the information that is produced, how it integrates with other systems and spreadsheets, and what output you would like to see.  We will then suggest improvements in terms of design and efficiency and undertake the work necessary to provide a package of work which is fit for your exact requirements.

With so many of our clients having teams who prepare information using Excel and accounting packages, we are happy to offer bespoke training to ensure that all of your team have the skills necessary to work efficiently and effectively with those packages, reducing errors and the time spent gathering and presenting the information.

Scenario Planning

Over 70% of businesses do not have a budgeting and forecasting process in place, despite acknowledging that they should do so.  Our team have a wealth of financial modelling experience gained from working both in industry and the big four accountancy firms.  We are able to produce detailed cash flow forecasts which enable you to run ‘what if’ scenarios to help you understand the impact of decisions on your business. These ‘what if’ scenarios can identify major issues such as cash flow shortages and the need for capital expenditure.  Our financial models are bespoke, built on an understanding of the key inputs and drivers for your business and can be easily updated providing an ongoing budgeting and forecasting tool.  We ask questions that challenge your current understanding of the business and make you consider new options and ways of doing things.

Raising Finance

Frequently cash flow forecasting is undertaken as part of the requirement to obtain financing for a project or your business.  Our team have raised finance for the whole range of financing needs from extending an overdraft facility to raising debt and equity on multi-million-pound deals.  Our financial models have a proven track record with banks and finance providers, helping to expedite the financing process.  We are able to assist in finding suitable financing solutions, drawing upon a wide network of finance providers. We will also provide support throughout the process from preparation of the business plan or information memorandum through to negotiation and finalisation of the deal.


Our team can help with the following:

  • Review of existing models and spreadsheets and provision of recommendations/implementation of improvements in methodology and effectiveness
  • Improvement of existing spreadsheets, streamlining and automating processes such as linking directly to accounting software to eliminate the need for manual input
  • Development of monthly management reporting including the comparison of budget to actual on a rolling basis, variance analysis and graphical presentation of results
  • Development of real-time interactive dashboards to provide an insight into the KPI’s of your organisation.
  • Working capital analysis and cash management
  • Detailed forecasting models which provide fully integrated profit and loss, balance sheet and cash flow statements in a form suitable for finance providers and investors
  • Scenario ‘what-if’ analysis to evaluate options and support informed decision making
  • Preparation of business plans and information memoranda
  • Transaction support, helping to negotiate the best deal for you by assessing value and price expectations, presenting financial information in a way which is clear and enables effective analysis and appraisal
  • Bid support models which assist in determining the best price for submission in a tender situation, providing the bidder with an understanding of the value that the bid will bring to the business

Financial Modelling

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