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Even for the most passionate business owner, there will come a day when you will want to retire, hand your business on or sell-up and explore a new direction in life. Whether you are thinking of doing it soon, or in 20 years time, exiting should never be a knee-jerk reaction.

To minimise your tax liabilities and maximise your wealth, timing is paramount. Plan things right, and you can achieve your personal and business goals while minimising the pitfalls that can occur when your business is in transition.

Whether you are edging towards a traditional trade sale, a generational handover, a quick cash-in of your shareholder stake or a management buy out, Albert Goodman people have a wealth of expertise in instigating and overseeing exit strategies.

Exit with confidence

Our corporate finance and financial planning teams assist sole traders, family businesses and shareholders of limited partnerships and companies to:

  • Plan for the most tax efficient succession or sale, taking into account inheritance and capital gains tax
  • Source realistic market valuations of the business
  • Conduct due diligence
  • Sell the business, negotiating price and other terms
  • Dispose of corporate goodwill
  • Implement handover and transition plans

Many of our experts have hands on experience of succession planning within their own family businesses and all of our experts have helped to put in place succession plans with businesses across the region.

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