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A value-added approach to academy audits

Whether you choose to have an annual audit, or whether you are required by law, Albert Goodman’s highly experienced team knows that the process must give you added value.  We understand an audit requires a significant time commitment from you and your staff, which is why our dedicated audit team make it a priority to understand your business and tailor our approach to be flexible and fit around the way you need to work and minimise any disruption caused by the audit process, whilst at the same time provide you with practical advice to help you grow and develop your business. Our dedicated audit team collect, record and assess business data, enabling us to prepare well structured and comprehensive statutory audit reports.

Carrying out a robust audit also gives us great depth of understanding of your business and allows us to make suggestions on how you can make your operation more efficient.  For this reason, a lot of our existing clients have an audit even if it is not a requirement!

We combine modern software, great expertise and a pragmatic approach that builds on our knowledge of your business through the year to give you a first class audit service tailored to suit your business.


A value-added statutory audit

Academies are required to have a statutory audit which includes an assurance reporting on regularity each year. At Albert Goodman we believe that the audit process should be a positive experience and that our clients see it as a helpful and constructive process.


Accounts Return

Following the submission of the audited statutory accounts to the ESFA, academies are required to prepare the Accounts Return which needs to be audited by 21st January each year.

This is a short reporting window to get the return finalised and submitted to the ESFA. We are able to act as the external preparer, external auditor or both using separate teams of the Accounts Return in an efficient and supportive manner


Statutory Accounts

Academies are required to produce accounts that comply with the Academies Accounts Direction, UK accounting standards and the Charities SORP to 31 August each year.

Through our academies team we can assist with the preparation of the accounts from your accounting records and provide guidance and support to present these accounts to the board of governors.


Teachers' pensions audit

Academies are required to have the Teachers’ Pension End of Year Certificate audited each year by 30thSeptember.

Once the return has been produced by your payroll provider, we can undertake an audit on the certificate and assist with reporting to Teachers’ Pensions. We are able to undertake this promptly by our specialist team, minimising any disruption to you.

How we can help

As we are engaged as auditors to a vast number of organisations in the South West, you will benefit from our breadth of sector knowledge and expertise  We provide continuity throughout the audit process with a dedicated partner and audit manager. Our robust audit approach ensures that you:

  • Avoid late surprises in your audit process
  • Produce accounts which meet UK and International Standards
  • Stay on top of compliance and legislative developments
  • Improve systems and internal controls
  • Identify business risks and potential operational improvements.

Looking beyond the financials, our team can also review your employee benefits, security and grants.

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