Sending Documents in the Client Portal

Once you have an account with the portal you may have the ability to send documents either in the form of a request, or at will via your portal main page (after logging in).

If it is in the form of a request you will see something similar to the document signing screen.

However, in place of the sign and reject buttons you will see the reply button:


To reply to the document simply click the reply button at the top of the document.

This will show a screen giving allowing you to choose a document from your computer and, if permitted by the publishing company, an area to add an optional message:



You can select 5 documents at a time and up to 100MB per document. Once you have added your documents click send.

You will then be presented with the following confirmation:



You can also send a document at any time via the portal main page.

This is located under the COMPOSE box:


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