To introduce you to our eclectic mix of tax team members, we will interrogate members of the AG tax team each month.


First up is Nick Scull

Nick Scull, tax director, of the Taunton and Burnham office is first for this month’s grilling!

Q.  Nick, clearly tax advisors are one the dullest people in any room, tell us an interesting fact about yourself?

A.  “I once went skinny dipping with Bear Grylls………..!”

Errrrr, why didn’t we get that invite??

Q.  What do you love about working in the Albert Goodman tax team?

A.  “Everyone is so supportive of each other, by which I mean there is always cake!”

Q.  What is your chief annoyance in respect of Government and tax policy?

A.  “Politicians shouldn’t rely so heavily on tax policy to change behaviours.”

Q.   We know it’s difficult for tax advisers to limit their words to a couple of sentences when it comes to tax.  Tell us (briefly) about a piece of recent tax legislation or case which has caught your attention.

A.  “The recent tax changes for private landlords were written as though these people are solely to blame for the current housing crisis, and it looks like the result of this has been to reduce supply and make the situation even worse.”

Q.  What is the one piece of advice you would give to clients in respect of their tax affairs?

A.  “Make sure you can correctly predict the future!”

Q.  If you weren’t a tax adviser, what would you be?

A  “When I was a small boy, my father told me “for you, Son, the sky’s the limit”, and with that my dreams of becoming an astronaut were cruelly dashed!  I might have made a decent police detective perhaps?  Not a comedian though.”

Well, Nick Scull, it is evident that you are 100% a tax adviser, thank you for your time.

Next up is newly CTA qualified Lucy Allen, who works from our Weymouth office.

Firstly, congratulations on becoming a Chartered Tax Adviser Lucy, that’s no mean feat.

Q.  What benefits do you feel studying for this exam has brought?

A.  “I’ve learnt the importance of being able to explain tax matters in terms clients can understand.”

Q.  Is there an area of tax you really enjoy advising on?

A.  “I do not seek out complexity just for the sake of it; I like to use clear and straight forward tax planning methods and ensure clients make use of all available allowances.”

Q.  If I had a spare afternoon in Weymouth, where would you recommend I visit?

A.  “You cannot beat a day at the beach with an ice-cream, weather permitting!”

Q.  Are there any interesting tax rules for businesses operation out of seaside communities?

A.  “Individuals can make use of the furnished holiday letting rules, which have additional benefits to standard residential property lets.

Qualifying properties may attract; capital allowances for fixtures and furnishings, rollover relief when reinvesting into new qualifying assets, gift relief for transfers to the next generation (for instance), and entrepreneurs’ relief on a disposal.  In addition, they are not impacted by the mortgage interest restriction rules which became effective for higher rate taxpayers this April.”

Q.  What’s your favourite Weymouth based fish & chip shop?

A.  “All chip shops are fab!”

Q.  When you’re not advising on tax matters, what do you like to do?

A.  “I like Zumba to try and keep active.”

Thank you Lucy, it’s clear you have a long and prosperous tax career ahead.









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