To introduce you to our eclectic mix of tax team members, we will interrogate members of the AG tax team each month.


This month it is the turn of Dominic Crilly, a tax partner based  in our Taunton office.

Q.  Dominic, can you provide a brief summary of how your tax career developed following university?

A.  “I had always had an interest in tax, so following university I went straight into the tax department of Deloitte, a large accountancy practice in the City of London.  I was assigned to the “small business” department, although, “small” was somewhat of a misnomer – one of the clients was even quoted!  When I married I moved to KPMG in Stoke-on-Trent.  The Stoke office was quite small by KPMG standards, but there was a great deal of international tax work to be done, mainly concerned with the pottery industry.  It was here that I learned the intricacies of international tax as regards business structuring, and for wealthy individuals.  After four years in the North West, my wife and I moved to Somerset and I have been with Albert Goodman ever since.  There is a surprising variety of international work in AG’s practice, and I have even developed a particular niche expertise in, of all things, German structural issues such as KGaA’s and Nieβbrauch’s.”

Q.  One of your specialisms includes advising the internationally mobile.  How do you view Government’s recent approach to those not domiciled within the UK?

A.  “The Government’s recent attacks on the taxation of non-domiciliaries are to my mind rather sad.  Those foreigners who take advantage of the “non-domicile” tax breaks are usually very wealthy individuals who are perfectly capable of living somewhere else in the world, but by choosing to come to the UK and spend their money here, they greatly benefit society in general, and indeed in a rather more direct manner than by paying their money to the Exchequer.  The attacks on non-domiciliaries are largely driven by considerations of envy, which I do not think is a good motivation for tax policy.”

Q.  Can you tell us something about yourself that would come as a surprise to those who work with you?

A.  “I suspect very few people know that I lived for some years in the Norwegian Arctic.  The midnight sun is something I shall never forget, although the perpetual darkness in winter was certainly dreary.”

Well, we did not know that!


Q.   What advice would you give to those at the beginning of their tax career?

A.  “Without wishing to state the obvious, it is very important to obtain the basic tax qualifications in order to succeed in tax.  Beyond that, I would suggest that a person starting in tax today should keep abreast of developments, paying attention to what is in the Budget, what goes into the Finance Bill and the decisions being made by the courts.”

Q.  If you could change one aspect of our tax system, what would it be?

A.  “Tax law has become far too complicated for the good of society today.  The last Chancellor of the Exchequer to attempt to start the simplification of tax legislation was Kenneth Clarke. I firmly believe that tax legislation can and ought to be simplified.  There is no excuse for the volume of legislation which is around today.  Navigating this ocean of treacle does no good for anyone (except, perhaps, the tax accountant!!).”

Thank you, Dominic, for showing us that tax should not be too taxing!

Next up is Kelly Wilkinson, a key member of the AG international private client offering.

Q.  Kelly, how did you get involved in this specialist area of tax?

A.  “It has always been an area that I have found interesting, so when I was given the opportunity to get more involved, I jumped at it.”

Q.  We are very jealous that you are now the proud mum of a Cocker Spaniel

puppy.  How has she settled in at home and do you have any piccys for (me!) the readers?!

A.  “She’s settled in really well thank you, and is enjoying chewing anything she can get her paws on!”

We are in love!

Q.  If you could give one piece of advice to someone relocating overseas, what would it be?

A.  “Make sure that you have spoken to your advisers, in the UK and overseas before you go, as you may need to take action before you leave the UK, and make sure you pick somewhere with better weather than the UK!”

Q.  Name of your favourite song, tipple and author?

A.  “At this time, I would have to say, Mr Brightside by The Killers, a glass of Baileys and Anna Bishop.” 

Q.  For our business owners inspired to get involved with exporting, how can AG help with UK and overseas payroll implications?

A.  “AG can advise you on your employees’ liability to UK tax and national insurance and how this will affect the information reported through RTI.  Although we cannot advise you on the foreign tax position, as a member of Praxity, a worldwide alliance of accounting and tax specialists, we can refer you to an expert who can provide you with local tax advice.! 

Thank you Dominic and Kelly, we wish you both a very Merry Christmas and an exciting New Year!









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