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A happy workforce is a productive and motivated one. Paying your staff on time,maintaining accurate and secure records, administering pensions and benefits are all key to employee satisfaction and key components of a high-quality payroll service.

With the introduction of compulsory changes such as Real Time Information, Universal Credits and Auto Enrolment, running payrolls has become much more complex and a substantially increased administrative burden. At Albert Goodman, we want to keep you free to focus on running your business, and as such we offer a service that is flexible to meet your needs and at the same time providing more than a basic bureau service. As part of our managed payroll service our experienced team can provide: „


  • Full payroll calculation from information provided by yourselves, including full tax and national insurance calculations
  • „ Multiple pay frequencies
  • „ Multiple payment elements, e.g. overtime, bonus „
  • Payment of expenses via payroll „
  • Variety of payslip offerings including web-based ePayslips „
  • Payments made via our BACS bureau to staff and HMRC, if required (additional cost) „
  • Flexible payroll report options „
  • All RTI submissions „
  • Flexible Pension set up and deductions, including salary sacrifice schemes
  • Auto enrolment assessment of staff via payroll software (additional cost) „
  • All year-end requirements, P60’s etcPayroll Service

Equally, we respect that you may wish to retain some or all elements of your payroll operations in-house.  We are happy to provide ad-hoc support, including a little bit of extra administrative support as you approach year-end, share information about the best payroll software on the market or advise on legislative changes.

If there is anything we can do to assist or support you within this area or if you should require more detail on any of the services we provide then please feel free to contact us. Our Somerset based payroll team would be delighted to support your business with a first class payroll service.


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