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If you are finding that your business is struggling to produce accurate information in a timely manner, our team can manage and automate all aspects of data handling from entering your invoices down to the production of your regular management accounts.

What we do

We aim to streamline the processing of data, from data entry into your accounting software through to the production of management accounts and custom reporting packages. Through the setup of automated templates and reports, we reduce the need for manual intervention, saving you valuable processing time and cost whilst improving the accuracy of reporting. This enables you and your employees to take more of a business management role, with information readily available that provides clear insight, allowing you to make informed and timely decisions.

Upon completion, we are happy to offer bespoke training to ensure that all your team have the skills necessary to work efficiently with any product we create, reducing errors and the time spent gathering and presenting the information.

Seamless data entry

We offer a review of your systems and processes and suggest improvements to ensure that all necessary data is captured and transferred in the most efficient way. We believe that all data should only ever be entered once, with any further entries made by transferring the data directly from one system to the other, to reduce the risk of human error.

Getting more out of your data

We design automated management accounts and reporting packages, from a simple Profit and Loss and balance sheet to complex bespoke reporting, including group consolidations. We can link to any accounting system, and design reports and dashboards to your specifications, meaning producing and updating management information in a clear, readable format can be as simple as clicking a button.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss how you could benefit from our services. We offer a free no-obligation initial meeting and are always willing to demo examples.

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