Tom Stone


Tom Stone is a Manager in Albert Goodman’s Farms and Estates team.  

Tom has spent his entire career in Albert Goodman’s Farm and Estates Team since joining the firm in 2014. He qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 2017, and now provides accountancy and tax advice to a wide range of farming clients ranging from large estates to owned occupied and tenanted family farming businesses across the South West.  

Tom regularly leads commercial financing advice to farming businesses, helping to add further value to both existing and new clients on top of the conventional compliance related accountancy work.   This work can range from helping existing clients refinance their debt to more significant borrowing arrangements such as to facilitate a purchase of a farm.  

Tom enjoys thinking outside the box.  He is regularly involved in both income and capital tax planning for his farm and landed estates clients. 

 Tom also manages the teams highly successful Agricultural Intelligence newsletter which reaches thousands of the farming community across the South West. He regularly writes articles about developments in the agriculture sector. 

Away from day to day work, Tom plays both rugby and cricket for local sides. He also is the club accountant for his local rugby club; giving him more than enough to fill up his time away from the office


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