Pat Tomlinson


Pat Tomlinson is a Partner in Albert Goodman’s Farms and Estates department.

Since graduating in Agriculture (a long time ago!), Pat’s entire career has been in and around the finances of the UK farming and food sectors and their respective supply chains.  Having spent 15 years with HSBC in its Agriculture team, latterly as its National Head, he developed his career into accountancy in 2010.

Pat joined Albert Goodman in 2015, qualified as a chartered accountant and now works with a portfolio of farming and food-related clients providing the range of conventional accountancy services as well as more bespoke strategic commercial and financial advice; he is also increasingly involved in expert witness engagements.  The combination of his theoretical accountancy knowledge and commercial experience gives him an undoubted edge over competitors in adding real value to clients and their businesses. Pat Tomlinson was promoted to be a partner at Albert Goodman in March 2018, bringing the total number of partners in the Farms and Estates team to 3. Pat works closely alongside Iain McVicar and Sam Kirkham to ensure that Albert Goodman has one of the strongest Agricultural Accounting teams in the UK.

Away from the day job, Pat and his family have a small tenanted farm, which together with the cricket season, more than fill up his spare time. Pat is often asked to contribute articles to the local and specialist press and has been featured in the Western Morning News, Western Daily Press, The Dairy Farmer, Farmers Weekly and other publications.

Pat Tomlinson Case Study

Learn about how Pat and the rest of our Farms and Estates team us their expert knowledge of the agricultural sector to help our rural clients and their business thrive.


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